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Zein Al-Jundi was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She began singing professionally at the early age of five when she was discovered by a local TV producer as a talent with a promising future. For the next twelve years, Ms. Al-Jundi became a household name on the Syrian radio and TV channels as well as concert halls in the capitol city of Damascus and elsewhere. During those years she won numerous singing competitions and sang a large repertoire of original music composed for her. In 1974, she was picked at the age of 13 by the Syrian government to be the soloist featured at the opening ceremony of the Roman amphitheater, Bosra after its renovation was completed. In spite of her teachers objection and others encouragement to take up singing as a serious profession, Ms. Al-Jundi stopped singing at the age of 17 in order to devote more time for her college studies. She moved to the US in 1982 where she attended the University of TX, Austin and completed her Bachelor's degree in Architecture and finished the course work of a Master's in Urban Design. Discovering that it was a passion which didn't die in spite of 18 long years of not singing, she made the decision to go back to her music in 1998. February, 1999 marked her first live concert in Austin, when she performed with George Sawa, the renowned Egyptian qanun player and the Austin Middle Eastern Ensemble to a sold out audience at UT's Jessen Auditorium.

At present time, Ms Al-Jundi is devoting more time to her music, which she not only sees as an incredible tool for self expression but also as an invaluable one in giving the world a glimpse of her beautiful culture. She plans and hopes to continue and further her music career with live performances in Austin as well as other cities in the US and abroad. She currently produces her own events through her music booking and production agency, WMD Productions, which she formed in 1997 with the goal of promoting world cultures through their music and dance. Her live performances in Austin have included many successful shows over the course of four years at La Zona Rosa, Austin Music Hall and St. Edward's University featuring both the traditional and contemporary repertoire of Arabic music--two categories for which Zein has a great love and desires to sing.

In addition to the production of her own shows, WMD Productions also serves as the umbrella under which Ms. Al-Jundi has also done many of her projects such as her work with KOOP Radio in Austin, TX, her dance and workout classes, her other World Music related productions and music booking, her music writing and the occasional World Music parties which she produces when time allows.

In 2001, Zein added to the many dreams that have come true for her in recent year the opening of her own retail import store and dance studio--The Arabic Bazaar & Zein's Dance Studio.....the first specializing in exotic, hand crafted and beautiful treasures from her native land, Syria and from Egypt & Morocco. The Studio is the home for her Authentic Bellydance Classes which she teaches. THE ARABIC BAZAAR and ZEIN'S DANCE STUDIO ARE LOCATED AT 5013 DUVAL ST IN AUSTIN TX (in Austin's Hyde Park @ the corner of Duval & 51st ST).

But the most exciting project of all that Ms. Al-Jundi anticipates this year is the recording of her first CD as she has just been signed on ARC Music of England. The CD will be produced by renouned Egyptian percussionist/composer/producer/arranger, Hossam Ramzy. The recording will feature traditional Syrian music and is scheduled to be recorded in Cairo, Egypt in June of this year. MS. AL-JUNDI'S FIRST CD IS PLANNED TO BE RELEASED ON NOVEMBER 15TH OF 2004; THE CD RELEASE HAFLEH IS PLANNED FOR FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH, 2004 @ LA ZONA ROSA OF AUSTIN



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