Arabian Nights 2002-2012


Arabian Nights were the artistic brain child of our owner, Zein Al-Jundi.  Approached by the owners of Austin’s Red Fez, a Moroccan themed club that had just opened in town, she set out to complete the Arabic decor of the club by creating an event that brings everyone out to revel in Arabic music, dancing and other aspects of a fun, Arabian style night.

The event happened on an average once a month for over 12 years, starting out at Red Fez for about 8 years, then at Austin’s Qua for 3 more and with a few other dates held at different locations in town.  Immensely popular and always packed, it featured Arabic appetizers, Sheesha’s, Bellydance performances by many of Zein’s students and dancers and with Zein in the DJ booth spinning the best of Arabic dance music hits!

ARABIAN NIGHT Over The Years (05/2002-11/2012)