Our Agency

World Music & Dance Productions (WMD Productions) was established by singer/producer, Zein Al-Jundi in 1997 as a booking and production agency that aspires to promote world cultures through the art of music and dance by arranging performance opportunities for artists on a local, national and international level.

The list of artist we have worked with over the years have included Hossam & Serena Ramzy (Egypt/Brazil) Angelique Kido (Benin, Africa), Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca (Republic of Congo, Africa), Hannouneh Folkloric Dabkeh Troup (Ramallah, Palestine), Abed Azrie (Alleppo, Syria) and in Austin, our home town, we have represented Tosca (Tango), Tamasha Africana (African), Con Rumba Son (Cuban), Bint El Balad Bellydance Ensemble (Ms. Al-Jundi’s own dance company for which she directs, trains and choreographs for) among others!

Few years after forming WMD Productions, Ms. Al-Jundi got too busy with her own music career as well as the other projects which she takes under her wings and we eventually moved away from being primarily a  music booking  entity to being the managing production company for Ms. Al-Jundi as an accomplished and highly regarded singer of Arabic music and all else she does–music, dance, cultural Events & Travel Tours to the Middle East & North Africa.

WMD Productions is also currently the umbrella under which all of Ms. Al-Jundi’s ventures exist–The Arabic Bazaar (a retails store and direct importer of beautifully crafted treasures from Syria, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey), Zein’s School of Bellydance (home for her Authentic Bellydance Classes) and Zein’s Travel Tours (immersion travel tours that aim to show you The Middle East & North Africa from an insider’s vantage point so you have all the efficiency and benefits of a tour but with much personal touches and attention)!

For inquiries, please contact Zein Al-Jundi, owner and director of WMD Productions @ 512-533-9227 or WMDProductions@sbcglobal.net