Zein Al-Jundi

Zein Al-Jundi was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She began singing professionally at the early age of five and, over the next 12 years, became a household name on Syria’s radio and TV channels as well as concert halls.

Upon finishing high school, she chose to leave the music world behind and pursue and college education in the US. She attended the University of Texas at Austin, where she still resides, and received an undergraduate degree in Architecture and completed the coarse work of a masters in Urban Design.

Discovering it was a passion that didn’t die in spite of years of not singing, Zein made the decision to go back to her music, which has since taken more of a center stage in her life and what occupies her time. November of 2004 marked the release of her first CD, Traditional Songs from Syria on ARC Music. It was recorded in Cairo, Egypt with Hossam Ramzy, producer.