SYRIA, LEBANON & JORDAN – A Music & Architecture TOUR, 2002


Syria, Lebanon, & Jordan A Music & Architecture Tour
July 20 through August 4th, 2002

A Tour unlike any others……guided for an experience from an insider’s point-of-view and a trip of a lifetime…. Enter the world of some of the most beautiful historic sites in the world and feast your eyes on their architectural wonders…..from the ruins of the Baalbek in Lebanon, the bazaars of the oldest, continuously inhabited city in the world in Aleppo, syria, and to the red granite city of Petra, Jordan, carved in the side of a mountain, defiant to many years that have passed. Let the music of an ancient land speak the stories of the past to you… the Baalbek & Jerash Festivals, with Sabri Mudallal and his whirling dervishes and at the little cafes of Damascus and elsewhere.

16 Days, 14 nights $3675 from Austin TX & $3475 from NY, NY

Price includes: air fare, all sight seeing (excluding entrance fee to the Baalbek and Jerash Festivals), four star hotel accommodations (including the historic Beit Wakil in Aleppo, Syria), two meals per day and the Sabri Mudallal concert in Aleppo, Syria–a WMD Productions event whose proceeds will be donated to one of the country’s orphanages.

The Music & Architecture Tour is a vision of architect & singer of Arabic music, Zein Al-Jundi and a collaborative effort of the WMD Productions (USA) and The Dawm Tours of Damascus, Syria.