The Splendor of EGYPT TOUR, 2008


The Splendor of EGYPT TOUR
MARCH 7-17, 2008

day by day ITINERARY

Day 01 – 03/07/07

Departure from JFK on board Egypt Air

Day 02 – 03/08/07

Arrival Cairo.

Meeting and assistance through immigration and Transfer to your selected hotel – dinner at the hotel, rest of the day at leisure.

Day 03 – 03/0/07

At 09:00 buffet breakfast at the main restaurant of your hotel.

09:30 departure to visit the famous Salah Al-Din’s Citadel – was constricted by Salah Al Din in 1183 A.D. dominate Cairo from the Mokattam hills, it comprises a number of important monuments among which are the Mosque of Soliman Pasha – The Alabaster Mosque and Joseph’s well.

Then proceed to the Alabaster Mosque which is situated on the Northern heights of the Citadel where it can be seen from every part of Cairo –construction of the Mosque began in 1830 A.D. by Mohamed Ali, it was built in the Ottoman style and is distinguished by its dome, which is 52 meters high, and its two minarets which rise 84 meters from the ground levels of its courtyard in which you may enjoy the breath taking view of the entire capital the Nile and in the far horizon the Pyramids.

It is named the Alabaster Mosque because of the alabaster marble used to cover its interior and exterior walls.

Lunch at Sea Horse restaurant

Departure to explore the exquisite Egyptian Museum which is considered one of the world’s greatest museum – it allows the visitor to become acquainted with the antiquities of Egypt’s Pharaonic period.

Over 120000 artifacts and monuments in addition to some mommies on display dated back – some 50 centuries before our time, the most famous and exciting in this Museum is the magnificent “Tut Ankh Amoun collection”

Passing by Al Azhar Mosque and University which is consider one of the oldest in the world – the first lecture having been given there in 975 A.D. we reach Khan El Khalili Bazaar dating back to the end of the 14th century A.D., is one of the greatest oriental bazaars in the world.

The Khan El Khalili shops display a wonderful collection of brassware, rich textiles and other attractive oriental products.

Return to your hotel.

Day 04 – 03/10/07


At 09:00 buffet breakfast at the main restaurant of your hotel.

09:30 departure to visit one of the seven wonders of the world.

(1) The great Pyramid
Was built by King Cheops ( IV dynasty ) circa 2690 B.C … it covers an area of 13 aeries with a high of 146 meters has now become 137 meters after the erosion of its summit, the total volume of its size is 2.5 million cubic meters.

The ancient Egyptians aim building the Pyramids was that they should save as sepulchers for their pharaohs to preserve their bodies for they believed in resurrection and immortality.

(2) The second Pyramid

Was built by King Chefren, the son of Cheops, it reaches 136 meters, part of the Pyramid still bears traces of the outer casing which covered it.

(3) The third Pyramid

This smaller Pyramid was built in the region of “Menkaura” or “Mykerinous” the son of Chefren – its height is 62 meters, the lower wall of this Pyramid is encased in a layer of granite.

(4) The Sphinx

By carriages or a camel or horse back you will visit the Sphinx.

A mythical statue with body of a lion and the face of man, the Sphinx measures 70 meters in length and 20 meters in height.

Scholars believe that the face of the Sphinx closely resembles that of Chefren.

Lunch at Sphinx Sun restaurant

Then we will explore the first old capital of Egypt then we visit the step Pyramid of Sakkara, which was built for the Pharaoh Zoser by Imhotep, the architect, physician, philosopher and statesman in the year 3816 B.C.

The first large-scale stone structure in history, the step Pyramid marks a traditional phase in the evaluation of an architectural and mystic concept from the simple “Mastaba” to the smooth – sided Pyramid in its final form.

Then we proceed to visit the Pyramid of Unas and the Mastaba of Mereruke, Ti and Ptahotep.

Here-too, is the serapuem where the sacred Apis mummies were entombed each in a massive sarcophagus in cavernous under ground gallery.
Adjoining Sakkara in Memphis, sire of the capital established by King Mena or (Narmar) who united Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom and formed the first dynasty about 3500 B.C.

Return to hotel.

Day 05 – 3/11/07

Early buffet breakfast.

Transfer to Cairo airport for departure to Luxor (one hour flight) distribution of the cabins of your selected cruise.

Arrival Luxor airport – meeting and assistance by our representative and transfer to dock to embark your selected cruise.

Welcome drinks – check in – rest of the day at leisure for personal activities.

Lunch and dinner on board – overnight.

Day 06 – 03/12/07

Breakfast on board.

Early morning (to avoid the heat) departure to visit the West Bank monuments cross the Nile by motor boat to explore the Valley of the Kings – it is where 64 of Egypt’s Pharaohs had palatial resting places hewed into cheer rock.

Among these kings are the most famous “King Tut”, “Horemheb”, “Siti I”, “Ramses III”, “Amenhoteb II” and “Ramses II”

Then we proceed to visit Deir El Bahri Temple – an architectural tour –de-force built by Queen Hatchepsut as funerary temple to perform religious rites for her spirit.

It was named “Deir El Bahari” because Christians of the 07th century A.D. used it as a monastery, in order not to forget the name of Queen Hatchepsut remember “Hot Chiken Soup” – Deir means monastery.

On our way to the ship visit the Colossis of Memnon, the giant statues Memorializing King Amenhoteb II

Departure to visit the monuments of the East Bank of the Nile.

We start our visit by the Temple of Luxor, in the heart of the 70000 populated city – it was built by Amenophis of 18th dynasty, the Temple of Luxor was once joined to the Temple of Karnak by an avenue of Rem-headed Sphinxes, many of which have still remained to date one of the obelisk which once stood in the front of the Temple, now rises at the “Place de la Concord” in Paris.

The Temple of Amon known as Karnak Temple, a holy city of pylons, hypostyle halls.

Colossal statues, shrines and obelisks built in the 20th century B.C and dedicated to the God, his consort “Mut” and their son Khouson, the pharaohs enlarged its area and built additional annexes to it till it became the largest place of worship ever known to man.

Lunch on board

P.M. sail to Edfu through Esna lock – enjoy a colorful sailing after dinner – enjoy a Galabia party on board – overnight at Edfu.

Day 07 – 03/13/07

After breakfast.

Departure by horse drawn carriage to visit the Temple of Horus (The Falcon God) built by King “Ptolomeo III” in 235 B.C this Temple is remarkable for its magnitude and its frantically intact state of preservation, the Temple was dedicated to “Horus” the Falcon God.

Return to the ship.

Enjoy the magnificent scenery as we sail to Kom Ombo

Lunch on board.

Walk to visit the Temple of Kom Ombo – a masterpiece building overlooking the Nile and was dedicated to two deities – the crocodile headed “Sobek” and “Haroeries” the headed sparrow hawk.

Return to the ship – sail to Aswan – Dinner on board – overnight at Aswan

Day 08 – 03/14/07

After breakfast.

Your day begins at the engineering miracle of the Aswan High Dam built in 1960.

It is one of largest three dam in the world and the advanced technology of the 20th century.

Then proceed the Granite Quarries to visit the famous unfinished Obelisk, it is hewn and smoothed on three sides, while the forth side still attached to the quary-bed.

It is a concrete example of how the ancient Egyptian went about fashioning these graceful monuments.

Lunch on board of your ship.

In the afternoon – sailing by felucca (Traditional Egyptian boat) and visit the Botanical Garden where a magnificent, open-air showplace of rare and exotic species of trees and flowers.

Return to your ship – dinner and overnight.

Day 09 – 03/15/07
Check-out after breakfast.

Transfer to Aswan airport for departure to Cairo – meeting and assistance by our representative at Cairo airport and transfer to your selected hotel.

Time to relax – dinner & overnight.

Day 10 – 03/16/07
Departure at 08:00 A.M to Alexandria via the desert high way, the distance to Alexandria is 220 kms and takes about 3 hours drive.

Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great who ordered the foundation of the city in 332 B.C, He charged his architect “Deimocrates” with the planning of the new city which memorialized his name.

Along history… Alexandria was then the capital of Egypt and a center of Greek culture and civilization, today Alexandria is the second capital of Egypt and the largest port and one of the major summer resorts on the Mediterranean sea and known as the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Lunch in Al Saraya restaurant.

After lunch the visit of:

(1) Pompey’s Pillar

This is a huge granite pillar about 25 meters high believed to have been erected around 292 A.D – the name Pompey’s Pillar is misleading, however it was erected in memory of the emperor Diocletion.

(2) The Catacombs of Kom El Shogafa

About 10 minutes walk from the Pompey’s Pillar are the Catacombs which are consisting of three stories cut into rock about 30 meters deep, dated back to the end of the 01st century and the beginning of the 02nd century A.D.

And were only discovered at the beginning of the 20th century.

(3) The Roman Amphitheatre

It is small amphitheatre discovered in the area of Kom El-Dekk near the Roman Museum.

It has twelve marble terraces for Ming a semi-circle, and is considered the only one of its kind in Egypt.

(4) The Qait Bay Fort

On the top of the eastern harbor closer to the city center on the same spot where the old pharos of Alexandria once stood and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world the lighthouse was destroyed by a series of earthquakes, some of its stones have been incorporated into the foundation of the fort built in the same site in the 15th century.

Inside the fort there is a small naval museum with model of ships painting and model of historical naval seines.

Return to hotel – overnight.

Day 11 – 03/17/07

After breakfast.

Check-out and transfer to Cairo airport for your return flight